Youtube to disable the comment section Soon


YouTube is a stage in which you locate videos on virtually all topics. Nowadays everybody is watching YouTube videos. Some are uploading good video content by which users come to their channel and encourage them. YouTubers are attempting to give something.

Every YouTuber wants enjoys and comments on their videos since it inspires them. But, There’s some news which YouTube hiding remarks section from the videos. It’s not known why YouTube hides the comment area from the videos. 

However, they’re assessing a brand new YouTube comment area on YouTube Videos. Thus, Read the full article to know more about Why is YouTube removing the comment sections from videos?

We’ll also clarify how you are going to unhide the comment area on YouTube: The comment area of YouTube will be shifting in the upcoming days.

The comment sections we’re employing isn’t user-friendly. You need to scroll down to the last video then you are going to be capable to see comments. But YouTube is bringing changes to it. 

Therefore, the comment area is moved to the top. You’ll see it beneath the viewing video. Therefore, the option of watching later will probably be moved to the Download section. The most important feature is it’s user-friendly. You may tap with your thumb readily to see and then type comment.

At this time you’ve scrolled down like youtube conceals the Comment section at the bottom. YouTube is adding this attribute because they’re going to make a change in the port of the program. The upgrade is currently rolling out in phases. 

Thus, only a number of consumers may test this attribute. Consequently, for this YouTube removing the comment sections in the bottom to top.

Users may also give hints to YouTube they could make it much more comfortable for consumers. So this will be good for the users as they’ll get a customized and better YouTube comment section.


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