Useful Whatsapp Tricks 2019

whatsapp tricks

A billion people across the planet utilize WhatsApp to communicate with friends, their family members, co-workers, and everybody in between. But while WhatsApp is used by many people, we all haven’t even scratched the surface of the simple looking, but feature rich communication. Keep reading to learn how you can do with WhatsApp and at the same time, by gaining control create your life a little better with some basic WhatsApp tricks.

Here are Some Useful Whatsapp Tricks 2019

Get WhatsApp on Your Computer

Its WhatsApp on laptops and your desktop. Even though it’s not a fully fledged independent application, it’s still pretty good. The WhatsApp encounter is limited to an internet website on your browser and you’ll need your telephone to be connected to the web and present near the Personal Computer. 

To get started, open on your PC. On your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon in the row and choose WhatsApp Web. You are now asked to scan precisely the QR code you see on precisely the Computer. The two devices will be connected once it’s done and you may send messages through your PC.

Cease WhatsApp Media Over Your Camera Roll

you are part of a minimum of one WhatsApp group where everyone keeps sharing videos and photographs. Most of which you do not care about. You know, like the silly e-mail forwards from a decade ago. 

The problem is that by default, WhatsApp only downloads all media and saves them in the Camera Roll. So now your Photos application is bloated with images you do not care about. In one of the latest updates, WhatsApp has finally added an option to stop this mess.

You can now disable the automatic download on a per conversation and then group basis. So feel free to go to both Of those annoying groups, tap on the name on the top, choose Save Incoming Media and choose Never. If you wish to do that for all conversations, go to Chat Settings and then turn off Save Incoming Media. This is one of the most Useful Whatsapp Trick 2019.

Mute Conversations and Group Chats

Given that you have disabled precisely the auto media downloading, its time to outright mute precisely the conversations. To do that, swipe left on precisely the conversation on precisely the applications home screen, tap More and select Mute. You can choose between 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Go for 1 year.

Quick response via notifications

iOS’s native notifications enable you to reply to messages that you receive in WhatsApp without ever going to the app. Once receive a notification on the Lock screen, simply swipe left and then tap the Reply button. This becomes really useful when you are in other applications And you receive a WhatsApp notification. Swipe down on the notification and you will see a text input area and then a Send button.

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