Top 10 WordPress Blog Plugins

Top 10 Wordpress Blog Plugins

Plugins hold a pretty crucial role in WordPress as they can totally change your experience during creating or updating a blog.

Here is our list of Top 10 WordPress Blog Plugins Which will definitely ease your WordPress experience and help you concentrate more on the content.


If you are looking forward to get your blog post rank on search engines like google, bing ,yahoo then SEO is the most crucial factor. Yoast SEO helps in performing ON PAGE SEO for your blog post.

Whether it comes to Readability or Focus on Specific Keyword on which you want to rank higher Yoast SEO will Help you in All.


Whether you want to show ads on your blog or want to enable google analytics to keep the track of your audience, you need to insert snippet code under the HEAD section of your webpage.

Which might be difficult for beginners as small wrong alteration in the code may result in errors.For this purpose this plugin comes to rescue you can easily paste your snippet code and save with worrying about the code.

This plugin may seem to be of small use but it definitely worth a place in our list of Top 10 WordPress Blog Plugins.


This Plugin has over one million plus active users which may give idea of it effectiveness. Mailchimp Helps you to build email list for your blog subscribers and send newsletters straight to their mailbox. Mailchimp helps you to build custom newsletter with the help of various layouts and templates.

One Signal Push

OneSignal Web push notifications is one of the crucial plugins if you are looking to get regular traffic on your by sending user notifications whenever you post a new blog post or update the older one.

This Plugin Helps the audience to become a regular reader of your blog posts and increase your traffic and therefore earnings overtime.

AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The AMP is one of the best plugins to improve web page or website loading time on mobile devices.Less Loading Time Makes The Blog Post to Rank Higher in Google Search Engine Results.

It Keeps only the Relevant Data and Removes the irrelevnt flash files or transitions to reduce the overall page size and increase page speed considerably.


This plugin improves page loading time by compressing and optimizing the images which helps in SEO which in turn improve your website rank in google search index.

Limit Login Attempts

Preventing your website from Hacker’s attack is the top priority to protect data of the users and other sensitive data.This Plugins lets you set max login attempts after which your website locks itself from that i.p address.

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