Top 10 must have android apps

top 10 must have android apps

With Over a Two Millions Apps in the Playstore it becomes quite difficult to choose from and give them of the precious space from your phone’s memory.Here is the Top 10 must have android apps to get right now and take your smartphone experience to next level.

First up on the list is Spotify

You might already have it on your phone, Spotify holds diverse collection of Songs and Artists if compared to any other music streaming app out in the market.The Suggestions according to the your preferred artists is simply mind blowing. Spotify Premium also adds cherry on the top with added functionalities like Downloads For Offline Usage.

Second up on the list is Pacer

Pacer is a Pedometer ,Step Counter And Weight loss Tracking App. The Pedometer aka Step counter works pretty precise.You can set your daily target according to your current Body Mass Index and your Fitness Goal.

Third one on our list is Countdown Widget

This App May Not seen much of a competitor in our list of top 10 must have android apps but it certainly holds its value. This App Helps to Set Countdown Timer for Specific Date and Time. The Date could of your anniversary,birthday of someone or one of your important meeting.

Fourth spot in the list is given to Hashfun

With Hashfun you don’t have to think of different hashtags for the perfect pics you capture.Hashtags are sorted in different categories with quick copy buttons.It also features trending hashtags which help you achieve additional likes. You can also try Capshun which is a similar app but of Captions.

Fifth Spot in our list goes to three apps Hypocam , Picnic, Lens Distortion

These three are must have for you if you are one of the curious photographers.These apps will take your editing skills snappy and take them to the next level. Lens Distortion app offers various flares and other elements. Hypocam offers Pure Black and Filters for your Monochrome Edits. Picnic app lets you edit skies with various Seemless Artificial Skies.

Six spot Goes to Youtube Music

As the Name Suggests This App Enables you to Listen to official music ad-free and without any interruptions. This app also lets you play music in the background which was a most awaited feature on youtube.This app comes with a three month free membership after which you have to pay Rs.99 Monthly.

Almighty Seven Spot Goes to Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best customization app available in play store right now. With Tons of Themes and icon packs, you can easily make a totally new unique look for your smartphone. Whether you don’t like default launcher or default icons u can always choose a theme like stock google to have a clean look.

Eight Spot goes to BookHub

If you are a Big Fan of Reading on the go then app is must have for you.This app also lets you download for offline reading as well.Book Hub Showcases Many Big titles and Authors.So sit back and relax and read your favorite novels and raise your intellect.

Ninth Spot for Notisave

Notisave is one stop solution for saving notifications,categorizing notifications and disabling unwanted notifications.This app keeps the log of all the notifications recieved. Whether you cleared the notifications by mistake or try to recover whatsapp text deleted from user’s end, you can easily check in the notisave log.

Tenth Spot goes to Life Hack

Life Hack is maybe on the tenth spot but can easily take first spot because of all the utilities it provide in a single app.Life Hacks Solves Day to Day Problems with Simple Solutions. It has over 10000 Life Hacks which are updated and added every week.


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