One plus TV to Launch, Price in India and Specs

OnePlus TV

OnePlus is the only Business that has attracted the Budget Flagship Phones in India. This is actually the only Brand that grew up just like hell in Only A month or two after the Launch of its Phone at India, the OnePlus One. OnePus has recently established its OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, which may be Compared with the iPhone XS.

One plus TV Launch

Nevertheless, OnePlus is set to Launch it is Budget 4K televisions Very Soon, according to Ishan Agarwal on Twitter. Check Out the OnePlus Television Specifications, launch date and prices in India.

One Plus TV Specs

As per the Rumors, OnePlus TV will not be a Large OLED TV. As opposed to, it’ll be a standard 4K UHD Smart TV. Nevertheless, there is no news that when the OnePlus Television will operate on Android Television OS or OnePlus’s Custom Operating System.

Whatever it’ll be, will likely be a lot less costly than the normal 4K Television out there.

Since OnePlus have already left Sony and Samsung aside from the Smartphone War, we could assume that OnePlus televisions will blow up the Market. Are you currently looking for OnePlus TV?

OnePlus Television Launch Date in India. Only The OnePlus TV’s Poster Image has been Leaked on Twitter and there wasn’t any Exact Launch Date Written on the Image. 

Nevertheless, OnePlus had said about their television at a Launch Event plus they’ve Posted a Photo saying OnePlus Television, you name it. But after that, there was no News of the OnePlus television because Ishan Agarwal with Tweeted about it.

Anyways, right now we only need to wait for the OnePlus Television Launch Date in India. We could assume that it might get Started in Q1 2020 or Q4 2019. Let us See what OnePlus Official will do. OnePlus Television Price in India.

Without Mi televisions, other Television Brands Provide televisions at a very high price in India that causes the Individuals not to purchase a 4K Television. 

Price in India

Even companies such as LG, Samsung, and Sony have their 4K televisions Starting from Rs 1, 00, 000. Therefore, OnePlus will attempt to bring 4K UHD TV at Cheaper Price.

We do not know whether they could Compete with Mi TV 55&Prime, Variant that is Available at only Rs 39, 999, but they’ll also be Great alternative for the Consumers.

In addition after the OnePlus 4K UHD TV Found in India, New Companies may come to Compete with the Brand. Following that, 4K televisions will become considerably more economical.


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